Ensure the well-being of your car by relying on the best professionals.



With the strictest attention to detail, we check and evaluate the maintenance status of your vehicle for the Compulsory Periodic Inspection (CPI). We identify the parts that may need to be replaced, the condition and health of all vehicle components, as well as the documentation required by the Inspection.

We prepare your car and take it to the place to make the CPI. Trust our professionals and do not add worries to your day-to-day.


We excel in quality and are demanding in all the services we carry out. We guarantee an efficient service aimed at the well-being of your car.

  • We work for the longevity of your car
  • We have a professional and specialized team
  • We follow the evolution of the automobile sector
  • We provide continuous support
  • We have an excellent quality-price ratio


  • When the CPI should be done?

    For passenger cars, the first periodic inspection shall be carried out 6 months before the age of 4 years. The following inspections must be carried out every 2 years until the 8 years of enrollment. After this milestone, it should be done annually.

  • What do they check on the CPI?

    The CPI will verify the conditions of:
    – Braking
    – Lighting
    – Signaling
    – Ground connections
    – Pollution and sound level
    – Steering
    – Mechanical organs
    – Visibility
    – Identification of the vehicle
    – Structure and bodywork
    – Equipment

  • What if they fail my vehicle?

    In case of disapproval, you have 2 months to make the necessary repairs and to undergo a new inspection.

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